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other than the previous post, i don't think i've ever posted in here.… - Our twisted little minds... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
lost and forsaken

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[May. 29th, 2005|12:19 am]
lost and forsaken


other than the previous post, i don't think i've ever posted in here. this is old stuff but kinda still relevant...for my dark mood tonite.

i'm a woman refused
a woman scorned
You say you want to work on our friendship
because a relationship right now
would be a disaster
what if you're wrong
what if a relationship
a woman
is what
you need
right now?

Maybe I'm wrong though...
what if what everyone
is telling me is true?
that you're immature
that i deserve better
then what now?

Walking on eggshells around you
not fun
fucking nightmare
You're too blind to see
that the one thing you need
someone supporting you
mentally and emotionally
is standing right in front
of you
and you're turning around
walking away

guess it wasn't meant to be.


i want to wrap my arms around you
to protect
to comfort
to feel you
i need to wrap my arms around you
to comfort you
your heart hurts and calls for another to take the place
of one that wounded yours
to be that guide, comfort, serenity
for your soul to heal
for physical conditions to fall away
to hold each other in the nite
fearing letting go
knowing that right here and right now
in this place, we are safe together
I squeeze and hold on tighter because of
the comfort, serenity and care that your
soul gives to mine is almost more than my
body can bear
right here in this moment
we hold each other
forgetting the hurts
and pains
and we wrap each other and ourself
in our love